Podcast at The LAB

A new podcast studio for the
South Bay of Los Angeles, CA.

The LAB Inc. (aka the “Los Angeles Business Incubator”) is a new Church/ co-working space in Gardena, California. Our mission is to develop a community of go getters, dream chasers and change makers who disrupt the status quo. A place where your dreams can be nurtured into reality. We have a large facility including conference spaces, office spaces, and you guessed it—a podcast studio. We built a podcast studio because we believe that content creation, specifically podcasting, can be the key to connecting with your community in a very powerful way.

To put it simply—it’s for you. Whether you’re a brand looking to add to your content strategy, a college student starting your creative journey, or a group of friends wanting to hang out on mic, our studio is a great place to start. Our equipment sounds great and is incredibly easy to use, and will give you a massive head start on podcasts starting out in their garage. The studio is for people who want that head start.

The LAB is located in Gardena, California (just across the street from El Camino College), centrally located a short drive away from anywhere in the South Bay. Our address is 15916 Crenshaw Blvd. Gardena, CA

We want to find a time that works for you! Contact us.

You can book studio time at The LAB for only $80/hour. At the moment, we have a 2-mic set up. We offer additional mics and other features (such as video recording) at an additional charge. To book time or learn more, click here.

The LAB is a beautiful newly remodeled facility with tons of parking, common space to hang out in or receive guests before you start recording, and recording equipment that our existing clients LOVE to use. Once you record your first episode with us, you won’t want to go back to whatever you were doing before.

Yes, we can make your podcasting experience as easy as you want it to be. We offer audio editing and mastering, uploading to podcast hosting sites, show notes, and more. See full list of available services here.

We’re glad you’re ready to start (or continue) your podcasting journey with us!

In order to use our studio, you’ll need to book a free 15-minute training session with our podcasting expert Justin! He will show you how to properly use our equipment and answer any of your questions so you can become your own podcast producer. After you’re trained and ready to go, Justin will help you book recording sessions to your heart’s content. Make an appointment here.


Don’t just start a church/ business. Start a MOVEMENT.

As consumers are cutting their cable in favor of streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix that don’t show traditional advertisements, brands looking to grow product awareness are left in somewhat uncharted territory. 

Podcasting is one of the best ways to build a community of customers that are loyal to your brand. Convert existing customers from passive observers to active members by adding VALUE to their everyday lives.

“We would much rather be the content than the advertising … by creating something that people want to consume, rather than interrupting with something they want to ignore…” 

— Mark McDonald, Content Marketing Manager, Shopify

Over 78% of American households now listen to a podcast of some kind every week.” Remove: “Connect the dots between faith, marketplace, and community. These numbers have only increased over the years as the podcast industry (aka “the new radio”) is currently booming in popularity.

Tell your story in your own words. No one can relay the purpose and mission of your product better than you can.  Put a face (or voice) to the name and captivate your audience into supporting your cause AND your brand. From big tech companies like Microsoft to small start-ups like the “Live From Rest” meditation app, brands are implementing podcasts as a critical part of their marketing strategy.

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