Community Reimagined

The World needs you now more than ever and we have the space to connect, share, give back, and add value to yourself and others.

We are looking for entrepreneurs and companies who are ready to give back. You know you were created for more than a building a successful business. You are passionate about building a legacy and you want to do that by passing on the treasures of experience, wisdom and understanding you have been given. You are principle centered and believe that loving your neighbor as yourself is the first principle of good business. The LAB, Inc is that place! Interested?
We’re looking for you.


We are a collaborative community rather than competitive division.

LAB talks

We draw some of the most talented, gifted CEO’s and leaders who are ready to give back. They connect, talk, share ideas, and wisdom for your personal and professional growth.

Meet Ups

Our meetups have gathered people from all walks of life and helped forge lasting friendships and support. Gather and network with us over drinks and appetizers


Some of our Podcasters are sharing their story for fun and others are building a following to grow their influence. Experts are here to help you launch or grow.


Personal growth seminars/workshops that are designed to help people discover and pursue their dreams. Events have included Vision Board Party, How-to workshops, Personal Development, finding your why

J-Walkers: Walking with Jesus

What is J-Walking? The greatest description of walking with Jesus is our favorite phrase.  “What would you do if you were not afraid?” J-Walking is a community of likeminded people seeking to live a life of meaning and purpose by faith.  Join in.


Fitness is the key to personal growth. We provide that through a full size gym with basketball, volleyball and fitness classes

A Space for you

What would you do if you were not afraid? This pandemic has shown all of us the importance of pursuing our “WHY”. This is the community to help you do that. We’d love to connect with you and help your dreams become a reality. Want to be a part of this growing community? 

Connect with some of our favorite people on the planet who are doing great things and impacting our world for Jesus


Church for the City of LA


City Barn Coffee